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We humbly ask you to pray and consider partnering with us at such a time as this. Your tax-deductible gift makes future projects like “The Glory of Christ Docu-Movie, The Miracle Wall Videos, and our outreach programs possible. Your gifts help us send messages of faith and hope. When you partner with us your gifts win souls which is the heartbeat of God, will you join us?

We look forward to working with many religions of the world to bring help, hope and healing to the hurting, the helpless and the hopeless. What a great honor and awesome responsibility that God has given believers who practice and preach love, not hate, equality not separatism and sharing not selfishness. Getting involved in our communities is not just kind and good. Scripture teaches us that it is the reason the church exists. The early believers shared their wealth for the sake of those in need. 

As they shared, the Lord multiplied their numbers. (Acts 6:1-4)

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