• I was almost crippled & couldn’t stand to sing. God healed me after I saw the Face of JESUS!

    Jill Littlefield
  • I had heart trouble, but after I saw Jesus‘s face my doctors told me the PLAQUE disappeared!

    Mazell Parker
  • I SEE Jesus! Yes, yes I SEE Jesus!

    Actress Marla Gibbs
    The Jeffersons
  • God HEALED me. I was extremely ill when I came and God HEALED me when I was the Face of JESUS!

    Rev. Robert Robinson
    Son of legendary singer Ray Charles
  • I was at the CROSS with Him. I felt that I was at the CROSS with Him.

    Linda Hopkins
    Jazz singer
  • I never thought I would live to see the day. As a 75-year-old world traveler, I never thought I would live to see the day that I would be fortunate and blessed enough to see images of Christ and miracles that I had only read about in the history books and I thank and praise God that now I am able to join that select group of people after seeing the images at Dr. Norwood’s church family Christian Cathedral.

    Dick Gregory
    Civil Rights activist and Comedian
  • I do NOT need a double mastectomy since I touched the Face of Jesus!

    Evangelist Pat Morgan
  • My son was bi-polar, schizophrenic and violent. When I brought him to see the face of Jesus, he was healed immediately. He became student of the month and got a job later.

    Rachel Jefferson
  • My HAND was paralyzed and I got healed when I saw the Face of Jesus!

    Joyce Williams
  • God showed up and He WON’T leave!

    Pastor Leon Patillo, fmr. Carlos Santana Lead singer
  • This place is HOLY leave your shoes at the door.

    Minister Arlene Kennedy
  • I see Jesus and the living Bible in you church this house is blessed!

    Randall Maxey, MD.