A Kairos Moment


The Oxford Dictionary defines a ‘miracle’ as a remarkable event that seems impossible to explain by means of the known laws of nature; and which is, therefore, attributed to a supernatural agency.

This visitation is just a reminder that God loves us; Jesus still lives, still cares and he wants us to be of a good courage. The Lord has chosen an unlikely place for a visitation in similar fashion as when He found an unlikely place to be born. This is consistent with the life of Jesus, who was not born among the wealthy but was born in a stable to a Virgin and carpenter in Bethlehem, an unpretentious town so small it didn’t have enough rooms at the inn to accommodate visitors.

This is a Kairos Moment from God, a theological intrusion by the finger of God saying, Come see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.(Psalm 66: 5)

Why Us ... Now?

Why God wants to get our attention.

For Peace, Encouragement, Unity, Healing, Faith, Collaboration And Reconciliation.

From the beginning until almost the present, all human cultures have developed fundamentally in the form of monologues, that is, people talked only with those who thought as they themselves did -- or should! The Miracle Wall project will change that.

Visitors from all walks of life are visiting and witnessing the miracle of the wall, i.e., African American, White, Asian, Hispanic and others, in addition to all faiths (Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, and others). The Miracle Wall is playing a significant role in bridging the gaps between race and religions – helping people encounter each other while experiencing God’s marvelous fingerprint.

Powerful demonstrations of the Holy Spirit get the world’s attention.

Throughout Biblical history, we see extraordinary, supernatural instances of God breaking through time and space in demonstration of His glorious presence and power among humankind. Throughout the Word, we see examples where God manifested himself—His glory—on this earth.