Dr. Norwood is the Senior Pastor of Family Christian Cathedral in Inglewood, CA.  She is an internationally sought after motivational speaker, prophet, humanitarian, life coach and radio host.

A native Oklahoman, raised in San Francisco, Norwood was educated in both Church of God in Christ and Catholic School simultaneously. Originally Jynona moved toward being a cloistered nun, then a lawyer and a doctor. In her youth, after a close call with death, she entered law school only to be hit by financial challenges, resulting in Norwood entering full time ministry to youth.




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Her powerful ministry has crossed denominational boundaries and Norwood is known as one of the most inspirational speakers for people experiencing hopelessness and trauma. Jynona embodies the gift to see unforeseen events, while additionally providing the dissemination of age-old knowledge distilled down into simple, but powerful wisdom. Her messages have reached the hearts of multiplied hundreds of thousands across all walks of life. She has prophesied to celebrities such as Mr. Dick Gregory, Venus and Serena Williams via their publicist, preached at Rev. Al Green's church and predicted events like Jonestown, 9/11, the Iraqi war and even Princess Diana’s death.